Saturday, September 12, 2015


As much as I love SIMPLICITY it is an idea more than a reality for me.
We are a huge family and each member has quirks that provide the exact opposite of SIMPLICITY.
No matter how much I chase after it,still it eludes me except...
when all my people fill their spot at the table
even if  only for the prayer

This past Easter Sara asked if we could have an outdoor table meal
I LOVED the idea but seating our crew is no small task.
The idea that ALL of us would sit down together was so special that I wanted to make every effort to make it happen.

Each of us took our place and stopped for a minute and prayed- and that time embodied everything I have ever wanted for my family- 
the fact that they wanted to be together and that they all were together-with us.
 The kids almost outnumber the adults which tells me that we have many more years to enjoy those few truly simple moments. Time to be silly and laugh and and love each other exactly like we are.

 And the kids still have lots of time to learn the ways of the illusive uncles!!!!

I read a quote a few weeks ago that  a mothers desire for her children is that they would love each other long after she is gone- and I realized for the first time that's exactly what I want!

As complicated as we are it takes a lot of work on everyone's part to hang in there with  this anything but SIMPLE family!!!