Monday, September 21, 2015

Dumb things Moms do~

It comes as part of the job description...moms are supposed to do dumb things.
We really are!
 I mean think about it... didn't your mom embarrass you when she waved goodbye as long as she could see you  as you rolled off on your first adventure to school...and you were leaving for the same city???

And when you parked the car at the Supercenter,she felt the need to remind you to park a certain way...and you are 30 years old????

How bout that time  she loaned you her debit card to run some errands for her when she was unable to get out herself and she cautioned you,"now don't lose that card,its important."-
 and you were the one that explained to her that checks were obsolete and a debit card would work just fine...just a few months ago-and you're half a century old!!!

There's a whole generation of people who have no idea why the natural impulse of a mother(over 50) is to throw her arm across the front seat if the car stops or lurches suddenly.
simple...WE didn't have car seats when our kids were babies and they would've rolled to the floor if we hadn't stopped them.
(Yep,this was laying across the front seat with a baby strapped in! )

And why on earth would a mother subject herself to sniffing Superman underwear when their cleanliness was in question?

And for Pete's sake, why would you curl your daughters hair like that????
Or make her wear those hideous pants?

 Or make little kids  go to that smelly nursing home?

 Can you really call a bearded man ...your BABY?

It all seems so cruel.

You don't see dads doing that kind of thing...

Lets face it...moms can be embarrassing.

Here's the reason- remember seeing that sports commercial where the athlete's Mom was in the stands and it shows the adult athlete the world sees and the little kid that only the mom sees...
 well that never changes.
Oh maybe a little... we stop sniffing the superman underwear for ...well, you know ...and we start smelling your clothes for whisky or smoke.

We trade out making YOU wear the hideous pants and we pay you back by wearing them ourselves!!!

We remember every sweet thing you ever did and cant recall the bad things-
our hearts are bent on saving,protecting and rescuing you even if it is only from bad parking spaces and bad hair.

So when YOUR mom does dumb things....remember ...if youre a mom ,you'll do them too.
Its your job1