Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Therapy ...#1,#2 or #3 ??

  1. Treatment of illness or disability.
  2. Psychotherapy.
  3. Healing power or quality: the therapy of fresh air and sun.

I've always thought of my stitching as therapy,of some sort- a way to keep busy ,be creative and be productive. I know it to be so now.
Over the past week,I have struggled to think clearly after losing my precious niece ,Linda and her husband Chad.
I'm not ready to write about her just now-it's all still so painful and fresh-
For the past week,as I grieved her absence I was aimless and lost. I longed for something to focus my mind so I could STOP thinking about the sadness of it all.

When I finally stumbled into my sewing room to do something productive, I sat down in front of my 20 yr old sewing machine ,I hoped I would be inspired.
Nope- no inspiration.
I pressed the pedal and it lurched, groaned and then spit out a few irregular stitches.
I immediatly felt panic-

To make a long story short- I went sewing machine shopping very shortly afterward.
I think so!

And now I need some SPRING!!!!!!!!
Liz's sprouts promise that it won't be long, but here we are -freezing rain- below freezing temps and the last 6 logs are waiting to be burned in our wood heater- SPRING seems so far away!!!!

Liz's farm,Pure Earth Botanicals, is busily sprouting and encouraging me to wait...a little longer ....It's coming!
Stitching~ gardening~ sunshine~
I say #3-healing power


cinnamongirl said...

I think we are all ready for spring! What kind of machine did you get?

Autumn said...

I got a Janome 6600-it does everything and more!!!!
Great therapy right now!