Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So it really is about the journey,then?

I sure hope so, because other than a few short rest stops this life has been an ever changing road with events popping up constantly!
Seems as soon as I adjust to one set of events and circumstances a whole new scenario appears and I'm right back at square one -learning to walk in a whole new way.

I'm actually amused by it all now-and it makes me pack LOTS into every day-because who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Things are sooo changeable-and life moves like a raging river. Just aboutthe time ya start feeling refreshed here comes a wave of water,washing you down the river gasping for breath.

My babies are all grown up-and have babies of their own. My parents are aging and I'm starting to see the sand in that old hourglass run pretty low.
The older I get,the more I find myself turning inward,talking less and savoring simple things-but at the same time(lest you think I live a serene ,quiet life) I find myself chasing dreams,and living every moment-not putting things off.
I don't think I'm scared of dying- I can see that I'm on the backside of it now and there's no sense in getting ready anymore, this journey requires my full attention!

For your entertainment~

A few things I've learned on this latter half of life:
~How to shop for frozen dinner entrees
~How to ignore the telephone
~How to accept a compliment
~how to keep my mouth shut
~how to use a straightening iron
~how to trick kids(mostly grandkids) into obeying so I dont have to spank em!

See ya here again soon!


ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post thanks for sharing! blessings soraya