Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friendly reminder!

Yeah-I know-this is an old picture but it was handy!
Today when we took a ride on the new bike I was reminded of something that I had nearly forgotten!

We were out on the deserted roads between starks and DeQuincey(AKA the middle of nowhere) when another biker turned onto the road following us.
He stayed behind us for a long time- 10 miles or so -it was kinda makin me feel funny -apprehensive.
We passed lots of turn offs but he took each turn we did.
 Then we pulled up to a red light in Vinton and he pulled up right beside us.
He chatted briefly about the poor road we had just navigated,the nice weather and the bikes in general.
Then the light changed ,and he politely excused himself and led the way(same direction we were going) back toward Sulphur.
If we had both been in cars we would have sat quietly in our own little spaces,never spoken and likely not made eye contact.
Just a nice reminder that "friendly" isn't all that hard.:)


Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn.....are ok. I haven't read a post from you in ages. I pray all is well
Hugs, Dawn