Friday, December 24, 2010


This is Christmas Eve-and most of my kids are enjoying the get togethers of their "other" families.I am missing them, but I am so happy that they have "other" families to enjoy and love them.
We had our celebrations earlier in the week and had a great time!

Knowing this ahead of time made it easy to plan to do something fitting for the three of us that are home alone. The weather was beautiful so it was easy to see we needed to take a bike ride!

We drove south ,towards Moss Lake, and an old homeplace of ours.
When we arrived at the lake front we stopped at our old place, now a million dollar development.
We sat and looked at the empty spot where our little house(ok-it was almost a shack!) had been-30 years ago.

I heard my little boys romping in the woods in their rubber boots-and ships out on the channel and dozens of birds fishing and calling to each other as they dive and dip for shrimp and fish.

We got going again , taking the long way home-past hubbys old homeplace and our old school bus route.
All along Choupique Road, I saw US-
I saw the bully from the bus ride, the quirky country couple who made chocolate milk with water and Nestle's quik- I saw where my brother in law got into a fight with a GIRL on the bus and the driver-HOMER- stopped the bus and told them to "go on-finish it so we can get on home!"
I saw my friend Renee and I camping in her pasture in an old station wagon-and I saw my mom and Ms Ethel sitting on the bank of the bayou visiting while we all hooped and hollered and jumped off the bridge into the bayou.

I saw the old country grocery store where the bus would stop and let us load up on candy(surely it was against the rules)-I saw me and my first crush -on our way to orchestra practice and finally I saw the place I stopped to unlock my freezing hands from my Honda 350 motorcycle (back in 71) -it was a cold winter morning and I was all of 16!

Funny how much you can hear when ya really listen.


Angelle said...

Angels, for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh my gosh, I can only imagine being able to reflect on those decades of memories from ONE to speak. I never lived anywhere more than 2 reflections are scattered all over the country and many have no significance...not sure if that's due to family dysfunction or just too much for my mind to hang on to since the memories are so scattered.

Just stopping by to say Hello and see what you are up to!

Happy Day to you,
Stephanie ♥