Friday, September 10, 2010

Canton Trade Days*condensed version*

canton trip 10 005

Any event with it’s own street name and traffic light has got to be big!!!!

canton trip 10 004

I had very mixed feelings about the BIG-ness of it too! I KNEW my hubby would be in pain and my teenager would be bored before noon-and I would feel like I had seen only a tiny portion of what was there-

canton trip 10 008

All the info said that the hours were dawn to dusk-now that’s MY kinda hours!!!! SO AS ANY GOOD JUNKER KNOWS-YA GET THERE EARLY-LIKE 8 A.M.!!!And we did!!! Parked right by the entrance –easy street!!!

canton trip 10 006

Many of the vendors were not as anxious as me and  so weren’t open yet-but no matter-with soooo many to choose from we began with the early birds who were open…..the layout was overwhelming-the directions of “where to shop” meaningless, and the items and prices were all over the place!!!

In the first hour I could see that THIS is where my hubby probably should be settled-this was not a man-event to be certain!!!

Guess that’s why these guys were elbow to elbow on the benches!!!

Aren’t they great- I neglected to get the artists name-but his display was impressive!!

canton trip 10 009

Great folk art- everything from wooden bouy markers to iron sculptures….

canton trip 10 024

canton trip 10 015

I was so pleased to see that this was a good idea-I did it years ago with some lace that I just couldn’t bear to keep hidden away in the trunk…think I’ll give it another go with this year too.

canton trip 10 019

A better photographer would have done this picture right-the wood,the paint –everything about this canoe was just wonderful! No way for me to capture how “storybook” it seemed to me!

canton trip 10 023

The Junk Palace…… need I say more?????

canton trip 10 017

canton trip 10 016

Girls Gone Junkin’-my favorite stop!!!

canton trip 10 010

These gals were SOOOOO busy, I didn’t have the heart to ask them to stop and pose for a picture-they were so nice –even when I told them I wanted one of everything in the shop!!!!

canton trip 10 013

I  settled for just a few yards of vintage ribbon- and lots of looking,touching and enjoying!!!

canton trip 10 011 canton trip 10 012

The boys were gettin tired…..

canton trip 10 021

We needed to see the good doctor,for sure!!!

canton trip 10 022 …but having found everything on my list…..we left the sea of people….

canton trip 10 025 

..and the acres of cars that had appeared after we arrived…

 canton trip 10 027  

…and went back to the hotel-and collapsed!!!

It was only ONE O’CLOCK!!!!!

As much as I hate to admit it, I was tired and could barely walk-my feet were killing me!

I’ll show ya my treasures soon-after my feet recover !


Beverly said...

Looks like heaven to me!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Wow!! I am more like the men on your trip, but would have enjoyed poking around for a while there too. My husband is actually the one more likely to enjoy shopping than I am. Funny, huh? Glad you literally shopped until you dropped:)