Sunday, September 5, 2010

“The Good Ole’ Days”

We made a quick…(o.k. , it wasn’t really quick, but we didn’t stay long, so that makes it quick,right?)trip to Canton,Texas to the BIG Trade Days event this weekend.

We stopped at this little reminder of “the good ole days” – an old rest stop,where families used to stop and unpack sandwiches or fried chicken, let the kids run around a bit , adults, stretch their legs,and then get back on the road again.

Even though this one wasn’t all that old, it reminded me of when I was little and my family stopped at just such places.

end of aug 2010 026

We didn’t have a lunch to unpack..:( but it wasn’t really lunchtime anyhow, so it was ok- but we did have the metal detectors, so the guys,Luke and my hard-workin man, scanned the place for fun stuff- and I sat under the little roof…

end of aug 2010 021

…thinkin about …stuff. Just stuff.

The holes in the roof let the sunshine through and reminded me that even the good ole days had holes in them. If it really rained, you’d get wet-and everything wasn’t just “so” about the good ole days either- just like this great old “marker of the past”-

I heard one time,that we only remember the good things about the “good ole days” and I think it must be true.We hang on to the pleasant memories and embellish them along the way, creating an even more magical moment than likely ever existed.

I wonder why?

end of aug 2010 023I still wonder why….

Movin’ on……..


These two have exactly NO INTEREST in the trade days,I’m certain-except to make me happy..and that’s good enough to make em take the trip I suppose.

Sweet fellas ,huh?

road sign

It WAS a whirlwind trip-so not a lot of pictures, but stay tuned to see the few I did take…


Dawn Dutton said...

How Fun. We used to go to Canton when we lived in Houston, Tx. We have also went a few times since we moved to Wisconsin. It is my absolute favorite flea market of all times. And I've been to quite a few. So glad to see that you all had a fun time.