Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swirling thoughts....


It's kinda like painting-you get inspired and just have to paint that sunset or cloud- once painted the painter feels ..completed somehow. A thought springs to life and you just have to sit down and write about it-
but sometimes writing can be dangerous-to the writer and the reader.
It has the potential to injure others if misinterpreted,but somehow the writer must write to "get free" of the thoughts. It doesn't matter if the thoughts are corrrect or original, they just have to be written so that they can rest.

At this season of my life, I have lots of thoughts swirling around every day.From the hundreds of choices, I pick and choose which thoughts to snatch out of the whirlpool to focus on.

And then ,what do I do with it? Share it? Think it to myself? Write about it?
Lots of people "FACEBOOK" it-or blog it(like Moi') :)
Maybe I've just gotten so accustomed to "sharing" that I've forgotten how to think through something.
-I'm honestly trying to figure this out-
I'm not trying to make a point-I really don't know the answer.

I've had the opportunity to think about some things lately and rather than "share" I've been trying to keep my thoughts to myself - it's a bit unsettling to others when they are so accustomed to hearing what I think.

I think it takes a bit more work when you keep your thoughts to yourself, but I can see already that it simplifies things least some things.
I also see the potential for becoming reclusive and guarded and thus being less approachable-
so- it appears that I am still in question about exactly what to do with all the thoughts that swirl around,begging for my attention.

So I guess I'll just keep pondering it-


jeannie said...

I agree - it is harder to keep your thoughts to yourself, and be more quiet. I am trying to do the same, and usually fail! My husband is a quiet thoughtful man, and it is one of the qualities I most admire about him. Good luck as you work through this and see where God leads you. Perhaps being more quiet is a habit that is learned over time.