Monday, May 17, 2010

So it really was a BIG river!!!!!

Too bad it wasn’t the Big Muddy!!!!!:)

may 10 vacation 025

We had no idea that it was the Atchafalaya River we had followed for miles!!!! The levee was high and as you can see this was no little creek either. We had a great laugh at ourselves.

Our quest to follow the river-the MISSISSIPPI RIVER ,north was to continue. We aimed at Vidalia,the city that borders the river .


That levee along the right side goes on forever and ever and ever and……you get the idea!

But we DID get to the end ,at 3 o’clock!!!It was WAAAAAAAY past lunctime and we were really hungry!!!We had planned to eat at only local spots- no fast food if we could make it work.This is where we landed in VIDALIA and my oh my!!!

el ranchero 

Look what $6. will buy ……


I ate less than 1/4 of this-so supper was a cinch!!!!

Now to cross the river, the REAL MISSISSIPPI RIVER, into Mississippi…

the real deal!

may 10 vacation 041 

Natchez Mi to be exact. Beautiful little town!

Stay tuned for some lovely pictures of this little town!!!!


countrynmore said...

Looks yummy. I couldn't have eaten all of that either.