Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden time.....

It's taken a while, but finally I'm getting some pictures of the garden posted.
My hardworkin man fenced and installed a great watering system this year and as you can see- the tomatoes are unaware of the drought we are experiencing here in sw Louisiana.
This place is soooo dusty- not something we say very often here in the swamp!
Seems like just a few miles north of us ,things are green and lush and there's no sign that we're so low on rainfall.

As luscious as this berry looks, it's half the size of last years fruit. But I'm not complaining!!! The bushes are bearing and they taste heavenly!!!
One  good thing about such dry conditions is that I'm not mowing the grass so often-
 which gives me time to water the drought-ridden plants!!!
I'm not sure but I think it cancels each other out!!!


Beverly said...

Oh my goodness, you are so far ahead of us here!! My tomato plants are only about 8 inches blossoms yet. I am so envious of your growing season!!!

Vickie said...

Hi Autumn - so glad you stopped by! I'll follow along with you, too, if that's okay! I've been doing some reading back and I see you have a beautiful family and sounds like you and I are interested in many of the same things - gardening and old junk - just to name a couple! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I'd love to see some more pics of your garden AND your sprinkler system. I've got sort of a make-do set-up right now. I'm not happy with it - hubby was suppposed to put one in for me this spring, but it didn't happen - life did - and it's still not done.

I hope you have a wonderful week and if you can stand my silliness, come back and see me!

Autumn said...

Our watering system is just a buried soaker hose on the veggies- and a drip line with spray heads on the blueberries. Everything else is just plain old water hose with spray heads and a lot of time to stand there and hold the silly thing!