Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coastal changes....

I know you are all sick of hearing about the oil spill-but it appears it will be newsworthy for a good long time. It's hard to decide how much is reality and how much is "NEWS".
There's no doubt that our coast has changed- the first signs came this weekend when the fishing Rodeo was cancelled.
There's a  fishing ban in the Gulf -so reality is beginning to take  a new shape...and so is the coastline.
It's unbelievable how MUCH oil is spewing into the water- but here's a great visual from our local news site.

This oil spill will affect our area for a long time to come.
The fishing industry,wildlife and marshes are all suffering and if the news reports are true, some of the marshes may never recover. That's a hard pill to swallow, here on the coast.

The actual spill is east of us but apparently the magnitude of the spill means it will/has affected our area.
If that was not enough we are in the midst of a drought!
Our ditches are cracked and dry-the grass is beginning to die and I am sick of watering plants every day!

So there ya go- I guess I needed a good whine today!!!!
Now- moving on!!!!


Dawn Dutton said...

I am so sorry for all of you along the coast. I can only imagine the hardship it will cause for both humans and animals. I am truely sorry.....

Autumn said...

We've only had 11 inches of rain - we're about 10 inches short and the drought is expected to get worse! i JUST HEARD THAT ON THE LOCAL NEWS!!! yikes!

countrynmore said...

The images on the news are horrifying. The spill is devastating and destroying nature and all the industries are affected by the oil spill.

Sheryl-lyn said...

This is just so horrific! My son's college program is sending people there to help clean it (he's in Marine and Environmental Studies)and he might be coming down in August himself. It's BIG news here in New York too. Such a shame. I pray for your state.