Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to the road trip…..

I have a really short attention span apparently!! I forgot to finish showing you some of the cool stuff we saw on our recent trip to…”wherever we end up”

Entering Natchez Mississippi, I could tell we were in for a treat. It’s a lovely old place…look at the tall church spire in the right hand side of this picture.

may 10 vacation 044

I had no idea how very much of the landscape it dominated-actually I hadn’t noticed it at this point on the trip. I was busy looking at the old homes and yards…

old house

Brick streets….

may 10 vacation 065 

Old stores and buildings…

may 10 vacation 052

and the wonderful walking downtown amongst art galleries,coffee shops and yummy shops  to wander through!

may 10 vacation 054

Then…I saw it!Honestly-there is no way for a camera to show the enormity of this thing!

may 10 vacation 049

To be really truthful,I’m not into “religious art” or architecture-but this demanded my attention!!!

may 10 vacation 069

I was mesmerized….so much so that I opted to forget downtown shopping and we walked over to see this up close!!!

may 10 vacation 057

Just a side note here- EVERY time we crossed the street the sign said NO WALKING- we never did figure out how that technology worked. ;)

may 10 vacation 070

I honestly could not stop staring at the ceiling-it was much detail!!It was awe inspiring!

 may 10 vacation 073

I never really got good pictures because it felt to …irreverent to be snapping pictures there- I honestly wanted to stop and kneel ….and I couldn’t speak above a whisper!

Just for perspective-look at the size of that door!!!!!

may 10 vacation 075

The entire experience surprised me-and I was so glad that we turned aside to see this work of art!!!

(St.Mary’s Cathedral I think was the name)

Time to hit the sack now-we were both worn out and ready to stop!!

may 10 vacation 080

And did we stop!!!!!

Our room was …..perfect-and just as we settled in it started raining and it was a perfect evening for relaxing! And we did!!!

may 10 vacation 081

“….and they lived happily ever after..”