Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heritage Festival…

Louisiana is famous for all the festivals we have- I’m certain there’s one every weekend! Crawfish,gator, frog, Buggy, Sulphur Mines, Rice and that’s just the first few that come to mind.
We are a state rich in culture and folks that like to  kick up their heels !!!
I don’t make it out to many of these ,for obvious reasons……like we would never be home if we went to even half of em!!!
But I did get to go to the city square last night with all the kids and listen to some good Zydeco music at our Heritage Festival here in town!!!
dairy barn festival 027
Zoom in on this pic so you can see the little guy on the washboard! He was beyond cute and could he play!!!
That kid sang every word in french AND english and kept a rythym like crazy!!! He was so much fun to watch!!!
dairy barn festival 007
I sure would have liked to dance with all the old frenc folks!! Everybody had fun from where I was sittin!
dairy barn festival 008
 dairy barn festival 039

dairy barn festival 012
dairy barn festival 009
dairy barn festival 013
dairy barn festival 014
dairy barn festival 029
Abby cuttin a rug!!!
dairy barn festival 034