Monday, May 31, 2010

Home-grown food!!!!!

                                              FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!!!
It's NOT just a movie!!!!!
It's a staple on southern tables-and mmmmmm! soooo good!!!
Its really easy too-just slice a green tomato,sprinkle with salt and pepper and dredge in cornmeal.
Plop the slices into hot bacon grease and fry about 1.5 minutes turn over and fry the other side till brown.
Don't fry em up till just before the rest of supper's done-these need to come out of the fryin pan and onto your plate!!!!
NOW you've tasted southern fare!!!!!!

But wait-how bout a little fresh catfish(also from the our place)-just pan fry the fillets in butter and baste with lemon juice butter and salt and pepper until flaky-5-8 minutes,depending on the thickness of the fish.
And FINALLY some fresh from the garden green beans!!!

It's good to pick,catch and cook food from your own place!!
It just tastes better!!!