Sunday, May 16, 2010

Road Trip!!!!

In the midst of a life full of activity , you can never underestimate the power of  …..

a much needed BREAK!!!!!

Especially when it comes in the form of a road trip to…” we don’t know where”!

Our only destination is/was to head east.Here’s a peek so far!


may 10 vacation 003

A real JAIL HOUSE!!!! Also near Elton.

may 10 vacation 004

I have wanted to go to a tiny town called Washington for years-my sweet hubby routed us that way and what a treat!!!

may 10 vacation 006

This is the Old School Antique Mall!!! YAY!!!!!

may 10 vacation 007

It was full,top and bottom story, of antiques and amazingly the “smell of school” perfectly in tact!

may 10 vacation 011

Then we aimed at the banks of the Mighty Mississippi-backroads ONLY!!!!That’s the levee we followed for most of the day.

may 10 vacation 018

Finally a peek at the river!!! It was the first access place we found and it’s quite impressive!!!

may 10 vacation 020

At least until we found out it WASN’T the Mississippi River!!!! It was the Atchafalaya River!!!! Oh well- we were getting closer to the big river!!!

may 10 vacation 029



Chris and Sara said...

awesome! looks like y'all are definitely having fun on your much-needed vacation! and I know that jailhouse... you practically were in Elton at that point lol. just make sure you don't speed in Alton, at all. any. they like speeders. y'all have fun :-)