Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The reason I'm NOT a FIRST RESPONDER!!!!

Thankfully this is a humorous recollection!
It takes a special person to be a first responder-I am NOT one of them.
All my kids know this.
WHen they were young and   one of them seemed to be choking, I would just
 sit frozen in my chair and watch !!

Today I topped my own  performance-let me explain.
I was busily going about my morning routine - workout,cleaning house,baking cookies to deliver and then I got to my sewing room to finish up a small project- a 15 min job.
The phone rang- it was my daughter.
She calmly told me that her husband was unresponsive and she had called the ambulance to come .
He's a diabetic and this is dangerous.
Although she was concerned, her voice was calm and direct.
Once hanging up - here's the ridiculous part-
I went right back to my sewing project- I was trying to think about what to do
but still just sitting in my pj's, no make up, hair a mess-
as though all was well in the world!
Finally it occured to me that I needed to do something-
Did I jump up and get dressed?
I called my friend Liz-and told her what was going on and she flew into action
and to Rebekah's house , just a few blocks away.
Finally I felt myself begin to act- I fumbled for clothes, and stumbled out the door ....finally!!!
Amazingly I arrived while the ambulance was still there.
My sweet son in law was on a stretcher, confused and completely unaware of what was going on.
The paramedics were calmly giving him information and instructions  and Bekah was getting things together to follow him to the hospital. The kids were sitting quietly beside Liz watching the events.

The END of the story?
They got Andrew adjusted and stable at the hospital and sent him home to recoup.

I will not be trying to get a job in First Responder type work!!!!
You are all safe!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh my goodness....I'm glad all is well....But....POOR Bubba!!!!! LOL LOL I guess he realizes this about you after all these years....I'm sorry... I can't quit laughing. :0))))