Friday, March 5, 2010

The Birthday buddies are ONE!!!!!!

birthday buddies!!! 001

It’s hard to believe but today these sweet girls turned 1 !**Lillie had a busy schedule and couldn’t stay for birthday cake- but we sang to her just the same!!****

birthday buddies!!! 003

birthday buddies!!! 011cake

Sweet Lillie and Wendy – together from the beginning! It’s really funny because they are so some  ways ~ one a first born the other the youngest of 6- but in some ways they are exactly the same!

Both are well loved babies born to godly parents seeking to nurture them in the admonition of the Lord. Both are cherished by the women who meet each week to pray together as our very own !

God is so good to give us these  precious children ~ our own and those of our sisters to love  and cherish. Some of us have already raised an entire generation of kids that are now joining us with their children. How wonderful to see and experience a new generation of women, our own young women, doing such a fine job of raising up another generation of children of the great God of the universe!!!!

He must be smiling!!!! 

These little guys will be running and making noise with trucks, blocks and scaring the girls with bugs before we can blink!!!!

birthday buddies!!! 016

Noble and Ryland


marilyn said...

uhhhh.... hello!
where's the hat?

and picts from the great 3rd bday party for 81?
love, maire

Autumn said...

Both are commin up! The hat is for the party today at Locke park- and the sale pics ...well....I did post one on Facebook- my fave!!!
I'll get em up here too- but oh many things goin on!!!!
On my way out to the park!!!