Monday, March 1, 2010

Another great recipe!!!

cooking & soap 001
I’m telling you- if you haven’t tried Pioneer Woman Cooks  cookbook- you are missing out!!!
Yesterday I made her chicken pot pie and it was simply perfect!!!The crust was wonderful(her recipe too!) and the filling was easy and delicious!!!
cooking & soap 002
Another delicious treat- these two sweet babies- lovin’ each other!!!
cooking & soap 003
And FINALLY~ my soap adventure for last week included a new scent-Citrus Circus!!! It is simply the coolest scent.
Lemon-lime,grapefruit,blackberry – a hint of cucumber & Jasmine and finally champagne!!!
It smells “bubbly” fresh and FUN!!!!!!
cooking & soap 017


Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn, I love your posts... thanks for the yummy photos!

marilyn said...

i think you should deliver one of those to my house today.
love, maire

Sheryl-lyn said...

Your soap labels are so nice and those smells must be wonderful!! Oh, and your recent posts have forced me to buy The Pioneer Woman Cooks!! I have read the entire book already and will make some recipes soon. Of course, I just started Weight Watchers a week ago and have to watch myself!!

cinnamongirl said...

Mine would never look that yummy I suck at pie crust. I like her blog too have tried some recipes. She is wonderful.

Autumn said...

Carrie- YOU can do this crust!! The secret is freezing it! Its a make ahead thing.

Marilyn- I should have made 2 and brought you one- what was I thinking????
Dawn- thank you visiting regularly!!!

Sherlyn- WW and PW (Pioneer Woman) are arch enemies!!! I have been dieting but she makes it hard- her recipes are just so rich and soooo easy!!!
Isn't her book a hoot?? I actually thought of you(remember your tub story???) while reading her blog/book!!!:)