Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End of an Era…


soap.quilt.maire 007

  1. period with its own chronological system: a time period within which years are consecutively numbered from a particular significant event that provides its starting point

Synonyms: age, epoch, eon, period, time, years, date

I’m thinking this project fits that definition!

Since the recipients will soon celebrate their SECOND anniversary,and this WAS a wedding gift ,I think it’s safe to say that it has been part of an “ERA” that has ended! WHEW!

soap.quilt.maire 012 

It was a bit ambitious for my skill level but I did it!!!

I think with this complete I have accomplished most of the “I wish I could do that” ideas I’ve had.

I guess everything else will be Lagniappe?Translation=unexpected bonus: an unexpected bonus or extra


soap.quilt.maire 010


Queen of Dreamsz said...

What a journey! I think I remember when you started this one?? The label is so neat and the quilt is over the top beautiful. What a treasure. :0)


Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn! this is beautiful. What a lucky couple to receive such a beautiful gift...

Beverly said...

fabulously beautiful....a work of art. Kuddos to you, Autumn. The recipients are quite lucky!!!

Autumn said...

Yes, Stephanie- we were new friends back then!! :)
It is a load off my mind too.
Now I have just one more to complete and I should have ample time before I have to think about Luke getting married!!!
On second thought maybe I should start it right away!!!!

Thanks friends!!!!

cinnamongirl said...

Autumn it turned out just perfect. Of course it took that long all done by hand like that my gosh that is a lot of work. Way beyond my capabilities I do not have the patience just hand quilting takes me forever.

They will treasure the hand work forever and the grandbabies a very lovely heirloom.

I believe women of the past definately began them long before a marriage was even thought of hence hope chests.

Your label is cute. Congradulations on finishing be proud it is gorgeous. Heck you deserve a dove chocolate.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Autumn!! That is just so beautiful!! I truly envy anyone who has the skill and patience to spend all of that time hand-quilting a masterpiece like that. They are so lucky to have a new family heirloom.

BTW, start Luke's now!! LOL