Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yeah- that’s the “Cajun National Anthem”-(Jolie Blond)- you hear playing. I just LOVE cajun music and I got to listen to a little bit today.
I  listened to Zachary Richard on LPB tonight. He  has some great tunes- but even  before that I was havin a Looziana day- just lovin this swampland I live in!
crawfish farm
Took a drive to a funeral today and was reminded of how unique this place is.Swamps, crawfish farms,rice dryers,levees,and cajun music!
 I love this place- so much culture.
Oh yeah- Easter Sunday most yards will be filled with happy folks boiling crawfish- finally!!!!
The season is full on after that- and the festivals begin- one after another- zydeco music with words I’ll never understand- but love the sound of.
AHHHHH- Louisiana!!!