Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“Words are the voice of the heart”~



I take the ability to express myself in words that others can understand far too often!

It’s such a simple thing- I can say ,”Hello”or ,”No thank you- I prefer chocolate” and just like that my desire is met or  an explanation is offered  as to why it can’t be met.

I can explain to a friend why I’m sad- or what I was thinking of that made me happy. I can order food from a menu or tell an old story.

Such simple things- but today they were insurmountable obstacles for my father in law. He suffered a stroke several years ago and despite  huge improvements, this skill of expressing his thoughts in coherent words has not improved.

So many other skills- important skills- have been relearned and he is overall doing extremely well.

His words are not back. So many times as he “talks” with great feeling, it is a complete mystery what he is saying. His heart must be fairly exploding with things he wants to express but cannot.

His mind is clear and his memory amazing! His simple yes and no nods and sometimes even the words themselves are proof of that.

I needed to remember that today- and be thankful that I can express the thoughts of my heart today and so can most of you!

What an incredible blessing words are!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Autumn,

I do know exactly what you mean. My Mother suffered several strokes at the age of 60. She did regain her speech [but not totally the same if you know what I mean]

So yes our voice is such a blessing. I can't tell how nice it is to talk to my husband [in person] instead of 450 miles away! :0)

I'm glad you can appreciate my chaos downstairs..LOL Geesh, where does this stuff come from!!?? But the fabric room looks great. :0)

Thanks for coming over for a visit. I'm always happy to see your smiling face. :0)

We've had heavy snow for's a wonderland..I'll be posting photos tomorrow...I can enjoy several inches....unlike those up the east coast who are dealing with 2-3 feet! Way too much!!!

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

Beverly said...

And how eloquently you always express those words. I always find something inspirational when you write. You have a gift, Autumn.

Have a great day....I am getting snowed in as we speak. Next the winds come 50+ mph here. YIKES!