Saturday, February 20, 2010

Any idea what this is?


feb tulips 003

I was just thinking about how perspective changes the way we see things.

I never would have seen it at all unless I had completely changed my perspective.

Still no idea?

feb tulips 001

It’s the inside of one of the red tulips!


My hardworkin’ man bought these for me last weekend after hearing me admire my friend’s that were just popping out of the ground.

They are just the very essence of spring-don’t ya think?(Now that depends on your perspective!)

But I’m not fooled- no siree! I know better than to start plantin’ my seeds and playin’ in the dirt.

It’s far too much work to waste when I know(well, I think) we have at least one more cold snap commin’ our way.

Funny- when ya get to be old like me, the seasons are marked out so well that ya hardley have to look at the calendar-

I mean right after the fireworks(New Years) the King Cakes and purple and green appear(MardiGras) and then the clover turns greener and the trees bud and out come the frilly dresses(Easter) and BAM! Carolina Jasmine appears and Then…and not a moment before then… I can turn the dirt over in the garden!!!!

Well I haven’t seen the Carolina Jasmine yet- so the warm day and blooming tulips are not foolin’ this old girl! I’ll just enjoy the warm day and wait for the Jasmine!!!!


Dawn Dutton said...

Tulips are a sure sign spring is on it's way! Enjoy your warmer days. Ours are still very cold but warming up to 35 during the day.... blessings, Dawn

marilyn said...

Well, im just now reading your etsy shop announcement, and i am so proud of you.
There's Liz with her "rose emporium dream" coming to fruition and now this.
I feel like a grinning parent.
you guys amaze me, and because of that i want to take a leap of faith as well.
thank you for letting me in your world, honestly.
just cause we don't talk daily, neither of us needs to feel any guilt. i know who you are. you are my best friend. our hearts are tied with strings that no matter how long they may get are always attached.
i love you!

Autumn said...

Remember when we thought we would have MORE time to visit once the kids were older? NOT!!!
Seems unfair...somehow.
I just don't get it....
anyway....YOU have been a huge part of encouraging Liz and I both to chase our dreams of creativity!
It sort of doesn't matter whether the dreams are a huge success- it seems to be the ability to give it a try....thank you for ALWAYS nuding us forward!!!!
We know you are the REAL artist!!!!!! :)

Sheryl-lyn said...

We are expecting more snow the end of the week!! I was going to start seeds this weekend, but it seems like I might not even get to use the cold frame for a while. Oh well, maybe I will still start a few inside this week.

I am so excited for you and your new business. I too, love to make soap. We do use a lot of it, but we sell a bit to cover the costs.

Autumn said...

Sheryl-lyn- I would never make it up north!!!
I have the greatest admiration for you girls who can endure the LOOOOONG cold winters there- I'm just so spoiled to the tropics. :)

The closest I'm getting to sed starting is the catalog- however I am gonna fertilize the citrus trees. That counts right???
So glad you stopped by!!!
Take care my friend- and stay warm!!!