Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on the cookbook adventure!

I don't do many book reviews- especially since I'm not a big reader.
I'm a really good reader but I'm afraid I don't enjoy it.

I recently bought a copy of a fantastic cookbook- and the author is a hoot to read!
She fits my  writing specs- short-sweet- and full of reality!!!!
I have tried recipe after recipe and to my great surprise and delight my hubby likes every one of them!!!!
I think you will too!
One of my readers asked me to let her know which recipes I'd tried so here goes Kimberly-
Meatballs,Choc cake,sweet rolls, Olive Cheese bread,Enchiladas,Marlboro mans sandwich,Sour cream pancakes,Maple scones...(I told ya I've been busy!!!)-
Migas,Breakfast Puffs,Prune cake(yes- he even liked this one!!!)Potato skins(my fave)
and Pico deGallo
                                                                          The Book
                                 If you need a great kick start to some new recipes try this book!!!
                                                       Let me know if you try some of them!


Raewyn said...

Miss Autumn!!! Hello, and many thanks for stopping by! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw your comment and I hoped it was the same Autumn I knew. And lo and behold, you are! :)

Very funny...first Ms. Marilyn, now Ms. Kimberly!

Thank you so much for your warm comment, and for stopping by! I'm starting to realize how little happiness in temporal things there are indeed. Oh, why thank you again, very much. I'm so glad you love them! :) How did you find me, if I may ask?

*giggles* Oooh, I know what cookbook you got!! Can I hear a 'P' and a 'W'? What's that spell? PW - Pioneer Woman! ;) The Marlboro Man tipped me nice to meet another fan of Ree. Ms. Kimberly introduced me to her.

Mhmmmmm....all those sound divine. I shall have to come and visit you so we can cook together! :)

Kimberly said...

I recently made her Chicken Fried Steak and gravy. My whole family gave me a standing ovation. :)

We also made her sour cream pancakes. Kids loved them.

Have you tried her Texas sheet cake? I don't know if it is in the book, but it is on her website.

Enjoy...and get'll need to after cooking her stuff!

Autumn said...

Grace- Your comment (and profile) linked me to your blog. Hope that's ok. I enjoyed visiting!
Yep- it's Pioneer Woman- she's got some great stuff.

Kimberly- Yep I'm working out for sure!!! Her recipes could certainly put me in a backward spin if I wasn't!!!
Tks for stopping by!