Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fleur DeLeis...football...saints......oh my!

**Just in case you missed the story on KPLC here's a link**
KPLC News Story- "81"
Nah- I'm not really a big football fan- but it just
seems to be unavoidable to
pull for the Saints this time!
It's a first in lots of ways and .....well ..with the
 economy woes, job insecurity, and the suffering in Haiti- it's kind of a nice diversion.

It's also a diversion from my daily workout!!!! UUUUGH!
I'm really working hard and not seeing lots of results- but just like pulling for the Saints...it's unavoidable to see where my weight and muscle tone are heading If I DON'T keep working out!!!

Why oh why does it have to be so hard ?
All the time I'm sweating and working out I keep thinking of reasons that I can't do this...
I'm old, I don't care, it won't work, nobody else cares......
and on it goes!!!
I go through the same routine every day...
and some days I'm just about in tears by the time I finish!
I've worked at working out for the past 10 years..
never did it in school-except when I played softball-
I'm clumsy and awkward and it just doesn't appeal to me.

But the alternative is to gain weight..feel sluggish and get weaker as I age.

do I eat or
touch my toes?
If I eat
I'll grow and grow
and if I don't
I'll touch those toes!!!!

Funny the things ya do when ya get older,huh?


cinnamongirl said...

Hey Autumn I thought you jogged quit beating yourself up go for a couple brisk walks outside every day you will be fine. You look great but I know to since I stopped walking I have put some extra pounds on and am starting to feel yucky. So starting tomorrow I am going out to suck up vitamin D and oxygen look at the beauty out there and start feeling better too. Are you in?

marilyn said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, my bloodwork is better, but my "8 month pregnancy belly-look" still exists.
I'm not so sure i want that cookbook.
That just sounds like i will expand to the point of a "10 month pregnancy belly-look".
But, for the sake of an unfed family, i may have to buy it.
They are definitely tired of stouffers and those stir fry chicken alfredos in the bag.
I just need to move. i really do. But, it's the moving part i have trouble with.
Press on.
The good news is we get a new body, after we die.
Soooo, that's not too bad.
love you!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

The Saints have always been a love/hate relationship..:0)

I can relate on the weight issue...I've quit eating meat except for maybe 4 or 5 times a month when we may go out. I had to do something drastic due to my cholesterol spiking....I've lost 8 more pounds!! And that's the only thing I can contribute it to since I can exercise for months on end and not loose a pound!

You can't just change the amount you eat....you must change WHAT you eat..hehehe...sad but true. I whine about it on a regular basis. :0) But I'm seeing results...it's just such an effort and that's not easy for me since I was always tiny and ate anything I wanted.

Hang in there!


Autumn said...

Ya know the bad thing is that vanity has very lkittle to do with the whole process at this point- I mean I'm 52!!
I just want to take care of myself so somebody else won't have to. I'm not being considerate of the future caretaker either- it's pure selfishness!! I dont want to be a feeble old lady that everyone pats on the head and tells me what to do and talks to me like a child!!!
I want to be able to enjoy the latter half in some degree of comfortable physical health.
So off I go to workout!!!!

Kimberly said...

Just do it Autumn! I've been working at working out myself for my entire life!

Walking has been my best bet yet. Just move and think about the good you are doing for your health.

marilyn said...

I just watched the clip on kplc!
That's so awesome! Tell Pierre, he did great.

Only problem is, Emma and i want to know why the reporter keeps pronouncing it "flair day lee".
What a nut. You'd swear the guy was a yankee.

Don't worry about me for tomorrow. I did too much today, way too much.
You two will be great. Don't second guess yourselves. They asked you guys to do it for a reason. Just deliver what you already have going on at the store.
Don't sweat it. It will be fun.
Plus, you're practicing for our big event, come Spring.
love, maire

Autumn said...

I hate that you overdid it!
Luke and Pierre had the whole set figured out this afternoon so not much to do but tweak it tomorrow morning.
Won't be much for me to do - just nod yes and no!!!:)

Autumn said...

I almost forgot- we were all laughing at the guy saying it so weird. He was from Oklahoma- what a hoot!!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I feel the same way about getting older and chubbier!! It just creeps up and if I work out and starve myself, the results are only temporary. But, like you, I want to at least be healthy and no burden, so off to the gym or to take a walk I will go!