Friday, December 4, 2009

SNOW in DECEMBER????????

Are all my northern friends laughing yet???????
We NEVER get snow this early- in fact we rarely ever get to see the stuff!!!!
The parish dismissed school at noon , advised everyone to stay in and ran special edition news to cover it all!!!!
Us southerners are so excited!!!!
My kids in the back (Sara & Christopher) are having a bonfire- and people actually showed up - guess  ya gotta play!!!!!!

I'm waiting for our internet connection to improve before uploading the pictures from todays exciting House Tour 2009!!!! We had sooo much fun! Check back tomorrow-AFTER the Farmers Market for those pics!!!
Of course I'm still doin the Farmers Market!!! Ya think a little snow is gonna stop me?
My market friend,Ms Hobbs, called earlier to make sure I was goin. She has her car loaded up and ready to go.
I just love market selling!!!!!


Dawn Dutton said...

How nice... you have more snow then we do and we are in Wisconsin! odd huh? Thanks for sharing your life with brings me pleasure to hear about your family and your goings on... blessings during this holiday season... Dawn

Cathy said...

How fun! We don't get much snow here either :( I miss it.
Bet that out you in a "Christmas-y" mood :)