Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ART in Motion !!!!!

These yummy beads are the creation of a close friend- Helen
She has an annual Open House and discounts her lovely creations to HALF PRICE!!!!!
This year I was able to purchase not only a couple of really pretty beads but also an extraordinary shoulder purse!!!! What a treat!!!!
(Guess I could have taken a picture- huh? sorry!If I remember- I'll snap one tomorrow)

It's inspiring just to visit her home!
I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by LOTs of talented people- they ALL inspire me!
The really cool thing is that each of them masters a different art- and altogether it's almost too much to bear.

This is one of the pieces my workin man has done for me. He's been bitten by the "art bug" too! He rubbed shoulders with Marilyn,who introduced him to an area of metal work that he's really enjoying learning.
He's done some great pieces , but once again I'm not snapping as many photos as I should be!!!

Likely I shouldn't share this next one- but the truth is the truth!!!!!!

Yeah- that's fabric on the floor, yarn hanging down from the shelf,and every other thing you can imagine in places of ...hmmmm lets say ...disarray????? Is that a word?
How bout it's just a big ole' mess!!!

But out of the mess emerges a few fun items!!!!
This nature themed glass ornament...

My first attempt at a banner..this was FUN!!!!

And these fun primitive stockings.

I really do clean up the craft room too- but lately-not so much!
I'm still learning how to manage my time and efforts and so far cleaning the craft room is not on the top of my "TO-DO" list  


Beverly said...

I love the banner! That spoon necklace is way cool....your young man might want to sell those!! I would even be interested in buying one. yay! It's time to decorate!!!!!

Autumn said...

The picture really does neither the banner nor the necklace justice- but thank you!!! It's actually my hubby that is doing the jewelry- my boy is still heavily involved in woodwork and furniture building.
I'm gonna take a few pieces of jewelry to the Farmers Market- mostly for feedback. It's not exactly the place to sell jewelry but the input will be valuable.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Autumn,'s easy to see you've been having fun by the looks of that room..hehe

The metal work is too cool..and I love the prim stockings.