Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 House Tour was a ton of fun!!!!!!

Well we did it again!!!! Another year of friendship during good and bad times.
Supporting one another during illness,deaths and trying times- where would we be without the gift of each other????

There were several last minute changes due to unforseen scheduling changes,sick babies and even early dismissal of school due to a record early snowfall!!!!We missed you guys who couldn't be with us!

These three "amigos" had quite a time poking fun at each other- I'm certain we were annoying!!!

Our first stop today was at Gwen's home in Sulphur-
she had the most wonderful goodies for us to start
the day off with!!! 

I'm always so blessed to "feel" the warm homey feelings in my sister's homes!
This little corner really just took my heart!!!! Isn't it cheery???
Beautiful spot,Gwen!!!!Thanks so much for getting us off to a great start!!

Falon shared good news with us today too!!!! Allie is gonna be a big sister!!!!!!!

Our next stop was at Sallie Garners , north of town.
What a treat that was for all of us!
She's actually responsible for inspiring the tours. She invited us to
 attend a similar event several years ago and it was such fun that we copied !!!!

How nice to have 4 generations together for a fun girl day!!!!
Lovely family Sallie!!!

Lots more goodies here too!!!!
 MMMMM! Great scones-I've already requested the recipe girls!!!!
It will be forth-coming.

How's that for a grandkids room!!!!!!
My grandkids should be so lucky!!!

Another happy visitor and north Sulphur resident-Helen!!!

It was especially nice to  have Marilyn and her mom Donna Rae with us today!!!
After so much abuse  :) at Liz's hands I switched cars and rode the remainder out with these two- they look safer, don't ya think?????

UUUUUUMMMM....maybe not!
That's vintage hankies were holding up!!!!
Maire and I both have a BUNCH of them and several weeks ago we were trying to
come up with a novel use for them........
I told Maire, "Hey, let's use 'em as hankies!!!!! "
She was retelling the silly story to her mom and to our
delight we both had our HANKIE!!!!
It deserved a picture!!!!!
What nuts!!!!!!

FINAL DESTINATION........................

Lynette Washburns big ole barn house!!!!! What a treat this was for me personally!!!!
Not only was it just wonderfully western- it was out in Choupique- my old stomping ground!!!!!

Sure felt good to be there!!!!The rain had started and we didnt even have to get wet!!
We drove all the cars right inside the barn , beside the horse stalls !
What a perfect final destination for our tour!!!!

I couldn't imagine how it could be any better....but it was!!!
She had a big ole pot of shrimp gumbo simmering on the stove!!!!!
It was too good for words!!
Rainy cold weather, and hot gumbo  in a cozy
western retreat, complete with cowhide chairs and rugs!!!!!

To all our hostesses-THANK YOU SO MUCH for opening your homes to all of us!!
It is such a treat to see how God has blessed your life and permitted you to share it with all of us!!!!
And thank you to all of you who contributed to THE LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRY.

It only seems right to remember those who don't have homes as we share hospitality.
 Thank you for remembering them today