Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Messy mind...

My mind feels like this over full trash can!
It starts about midday on Christmas Day... the itch to clean up...I mean really clean up and get rid of stuff!
The more I think about it the worse it gets!
You'd think that after spending so much time putting out the things I love to see once a year I'd want them to stick around a while longer- but NO! my mind screams!
"Pick it all up! Throw away all that old worn out stuff and don't do this again next year!!!"
I fight with my self until one of us wins.
This year my messy mind looked like this

Confusion discernable items.......jumbled mess!!!!
Methodically I scooped and tossed all the junque- and packed the good stuff away.
I have a huge pile to give away or donate and I'm only done with the ground floor!!!!
I feel like we are squished up and yet there are only 3 of us in this huge house- like the overfull can above!!!
It'll take me days to really do it right, but it must be done!!!
I just don't know how or why I have so much stuff I don't need!But I do know that my mind is cluttered until it's all cleaned up.
Hopefully after finishing my mind will rest again.....and it'll feel ..........

shiny and clean...uncluttered .