Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas black and white ..........and blue......

In the days of black and white tv, I celebrated many Christmas' on Linkwood Drive in Houston,
 beneath an aluminum christmas tree, festooned with every breakable ornament
that Foley's had available for sale!
I heard sleigh bells and set out cookies and milk for a late night visitor.
I slept in a candlestick mahogony frame bed that was elegant and fit for a queen.
It was a magical time of life for me.
I was the only niece of a wonderful aunt and uncle  and life was simple for me.
My brothers and I spent lots of time with Aunt Mary and Uncle George

Those days set the shape of Christmas in my mind and every year since  I have  searched
 for that magical feeling of the "black and white" days.

This year  was the same. But today I stumbled onto a blog post
that touched me. She expressed well the blue feeling that I get from time to time.

Life changes and the older I get the more I realize that those moments- the magical ones- are precious and should be held gently and visited from time to time and then carefully tucked away for the future.
We all have them- and they're different for all of us but we have them.
So visit them a little while - and mourn , cry or just remember.....
but then it's back to reality and the business of today.

This strange season of life is stretching me in ways I don't understand.
My children are grown up and busy with beautiful families of their own.
They are strong and well prepared for the challenges they face-
and I find myself a bit in awe of just how well they run their lives.

And now-what to do with myself????????
Oh I stay busy but I'm really unsure of exactly where I'm going.
At least right now I am anyway.
back to the black and white days-
I think I'll just look out this window a few more minutes and then
well then, I'll do the next thing and the next and the next.