Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home for Christmas.......

  Some of the kids were "home for early Christmas" -  close enough for me!!!!
I'll settle for any variation at this point in my life! It's increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to have ALL the kids together again- it's just life.
We crammed all the fun we could think of into the few short
days we had together- and did we all have fun!!!!!
Let's see- a bonfire,birthday party,eating together every night- all the babies and kids and noise-  a little shopping,talking,sewing and lots more cooking- fun gift exchange, family church and so much more!
The house was a glorious mess and there were smiles and happy laughs everywhere!
Lots of toys on the floor- wall to wall people sleeping and lots of fun memories made!!!

What could be better????- only having all of them here- we missed Gabe & Kim and kids Collin,Aidan,Kaydence and Kalleigh.

Pond reflection at the bonfire...

Folks were happily arriving for the bonfire early in the day....

Soooo happy together!!!
There's just nothing like cousins!!!!!

I hope each of you have a blessed Christmas!!!!!!!


Beverly said...

Merry Christmas Dear Friend!!!!