Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking back....looking ahead

I found this posthttp://michaelhyatt.com/2009/12/seven-questions-to-ask-about-last-year.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+michaelhyatt+%28Michael+Hyatt%29&utm_content=FaceBook by the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and thought it would be fun and enlightening to post a similar set of questions here- please play along!!!!!
Such good questions!!!!!
Don't think too hard- it's just a brief reflection!!!
Should I offer a prize?????
I think so!
I think I shall pick at random from those who participate in the questionairre.
The prize??? How about ........it'll just have to be a surprise!!!!!!! :)
I'll announce the winner on New Years day!!!!!

#1 If the last year were a movie of your life, what would the genre be?
Drama, romance, adventure, comedy, tragedy, or a combination?

#2 What were the two or three major themes that kept recurring? These can be single words or phrases

#3 What did you accomplish this past year that you are the most proud of?

#4 What do you feel you should have been acknowledged for but weren’t?

#5 What disappointments or regrets did you experience this past year?

#6 What was missing from last year as you look back?

#7 What were the major life-lessons you learned this past year? Boil this down to a few short, pithy statements.


Carol............. said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

wibe said...

So here goes.....
1- My movie would be a crazy mix of it all!!!!!! No dull moments here.
2-Rest and learn to be in this moment.
3-Finally getting to can salsa....lol
5-how slow I move!!!!
6-LOL, not enough Little Miss Kitty stickers!!!
7-Give myself the grace that I give others!!!!
So there you go girl, great reading your blog again, email on way.....
carol sue

Kimberly said...

I'll play!
1. Drama for sure...with a touch of comedic relief and plenty of romance.
2. No regrets, no living in the past, recognize today for what it is.
3. I exercised no less than 3 times a week this entire year. I lost 35 pounds.
4. Hm, well, let's just say I've done a lot that is not acknowledged, but that is what Moms and wives do!
5. I regret those times that the words escaped my mouth before I could swallow them whole.
6. Need more laughter...always.
7. Remember I cannot and willnot be able to do it all.

Can't wait to see what your surprise is Autumn!

Autumn said...

Hey there Carol AND Carol Sue!!!!
Great to hear from both of you!

I'm thinking I should answer those questions as well- so here goes my answers-
#1 Hmmm- my movie theme would be drama and adventure-lots of changes and stages of life going on here.

#2 The theme that kept recurring would be- making choices!

#3 This past year I finally accomplished creating a few things that have been well received by the purchasing public!!!! :)

#4 Can't think of a lack of acknowledgement issue-hmmm.

#5 Disappointments?- mostly in my ability to make the changes in my life gracefully.

#6Peace with myself has been missing- I'm looking forward to resting within myself once switching gears in my life is over.
#7Life throws ya curves
nothing stays the same
roll with the punches!!!!

Autumn said...

Hey Kimberly!
Great answers! So glad ya decided to play along!!!!

Gwen Kelley said...

#1.Drama and Tragedy

#2.well, we had 6 deaths and a tragic accident in 2009 so it was a sad year for sure.

#3.After our 4 house guest left to move to their new places, I had repairs made that were caused by slab cracking.Then Heath and I painted the addition.

#4.I don't think there was anything I wasn't acknowledged for, but if there was all the better I will get it later.

#5.I was disappointed when Heath got laid off from his job with with all the benifits.Praise God that I don't have regrets this year because regrets eat me up inside. I do regret nor having snapdragons planted in the front flower bed. It just didn't happen.

#6.smooth sailing

#7.Learning to sail rough seas,being flexable to change,turn the page of life you still have memories

Autumn said...

GWEN! You sailed through the many sad times this year with such grace!!! I know you likely didn't always feel so graceful, but you were!
Thanks for reminding me just how much happened on Hickock this past year.
Here's to a less active year????

Anonymous said...

1- a combination of drama and comedy. You know there is some comedy wit 6 children running around.
2- for theme I would have to say surrendering control, and fully trusting in my Heavenly Father.
3- I am not insane!!! on a more sober note. I have learned to be more forgiving of others.
4- nothing that I can think of
5- Regrets?? I try not to have any, but I would say not slowing down to visit with those who matter most in my life.
6- progress in the goal I had set. (they were probably unrealistic anyway)lol
7- This one was hard, I learned that true love is an amazing thing. Forgiveness can do wonderful things in a relationship, and God is faithfull

Kim said...

#1-An adventurous comedy
#2-Change & Desperately trying to simplify when life doesn't seem to cooperate with your plan
#3-Paid off a vehicle and are eating healthy
#4-I'm horrible at making sure I always get acknowledged. I'm so glad my family puts up with me.
#5-My dad drinking again and going back to prison.
#6-Family being closer.
#7-Reevaluated the meaning of my possessions. Concentrated on changing my perspective on many things

ricki said...

#1 Comedy and tragedy
#2 to believe God will does what is best for me and quit worrying about ending up alone.
#3 Learning to love myself and my faults.
#4 not telling people who i love that i love them and that My dad is a awsome guy and I like him now.but please dont tell him.
#5 not talking to my family in louisana enough and visiting with them.
#6 getting control of my weight and worrying so much.
#7 call those people you love cause you never know when God will want them home.

Autumn said...

Please don't be mad at me!!! I know I'm late getting to this but it is still New Years Day!~!!

I have a winner and will post the name in just a few minutes!!!