Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You probably thought this was an advertising free spot- but NO!NO! NO!
Hey- I have to fund my addiction to playing with soap somehow!!!!!

The name you see on the soap is not just a random thing- it's my grandma's name. Some of the happiest memories I have were at her feet amongst "old things" that have come to represent... ME!
I connect with old rusty buckets,windows with peeling paint, old shoes and aprons!!!!
It only seemed right to honor her memory every day by seeing her name on another
old thing I wish I could have shared with her-
Homemade Soap!!!!

A local business man (and friend) agreed to give my soap a spot in his very cool store called
(3708 Maplewood Drive~ #533-8181)
(You'll have to ask the owner why the name- I dunno!)
If ya get a chance to stop by please do!!!
Somewhere in the store there is a sign that says
and believe me- this store is full of them!!!
It's my all time favorite store...full of rusty, cracked paint,dented old STUFF!!!!!!!
(antiques,collectibles and cool reproduction pieces as well as custom built things)

I'm working on a special holiday gift soap today- it won't be in the store until early November so come back here or go by "81" to see the fun new soap  for the holidays!!!!

The line of soap I'm working on are Farmhouse Scents-
Oartmeal, Milk &  Honey~Daffodil Blossoms~~ Gulf Breeze ~Summer Grass Stain  Windblown Sheets ~ Fresh Grapefruit

I   want to thank all of you who have so heartily encourged me in continuing with this little project! I have been feeling a little like an artist lately-  all the creativity and time to actually try my hand at some of the things I've always wanted to do.
Your words of encouragement, direction and affirmation have meant so much!!


Ruth said...

Autumn~I so wish I could visit that shop and look at that section. It sounds like a dream spot. I love all old things, too. I think of the story behind each item. Who used, how, when, etc.

Congratulations on having your soap there. i hope you do well.

cinnamongirl said...

Good for you! Glad you enjoyed it. Wished you were here to give me pointers. Your scents sound amazing.

KKJD1 said...

Oh how cool! I love the name and also love a good bar of homemade soap. Congrats on getting it in store "81" ! Blessings,Karen

Bonne said...

I love the name you chose for your line! Go Granny!! Hope you have a successful holiday run~who doesn't love homemade soap??!!!