Thursday, October 8, 2009

A fun project

This is a fun little project that I just completed. I had such a great time designing and making it!
It's a pin cushion on top.....

...and it opens up for storage of small sewing items.

I made it for an online friend in Oklahoma who loves primitives . I got the finest little package from her as a swap!
These swaps are great for inspiring and motivating me into action!


CathyJean said...

Hey Autumn!
Thanks again soooo much for my AWESOME prim pinkeep!! I LOVE everything about it. I envy your creative eye for "doing prim" just right :) It's sitting on my sewing table and I smile everytime I look at it.
And your handmade soap is so wonderful ~ I've been using it everyday, smells great and feels great on my skin :)
Thank you for a very special swap!
Cathy :)
PS ~ I hope you don't mind if I use your pictures?

Autumn said...

Cathy- I don't mind at all!
I can't take full credit for the design- I saw a similar item somewhere in my surfing....don't know where!
I love creating out of common items and this was the perfect item to reuse household items!
I am so pleased you like it!!!

Bonne said...

That pinkeep is so darn unique!! You come up with the most unusual creative ideas Autumn~such an inspiration you are. :)