Saturday, October 10, 2009

Die Hard Market vendors!!!!!!

These two were up at dawn to help get things set up for our first day at the Local Farmers Market!
That's what I call "Die Hard"!!!!
We missed Bekah and Abby- they had a bug and weren't able to get out.

It rained all night last night and it was supposed to do the same all day today- but the weather cleared and though it was a last minute effort it went well.

I brought my Altered clothing,soap, and lots of small needlework items as well as purses.

Somehow we didn't get a picture of the adorable little birds Bekah did! They looked great- they were scattered around a Prim birdhouse on hay.
Sara made some pecan pie, pumpkin pie and tiny Oreo Cheesecakes.
She also did quite well with her baby hairbows.
We all sold a little bit  and had a great time!!!
There are 2 other major craft events in town this weekend as well as Homecoming, LSU football and a bluegrass festival(which took a few Market goer's out of town).
Considering all the events to choose from the turnout was good!
Even had a few friends show up!!! Thanks ladies!!!!



Beverly said...

Your table display looks lovely!! Let's see more of those altered clothes....especially the dress on the manequin!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey there Autumn,

It all looks so nice..I too love the altered clothing...what kind of response did you get? It seems to sell pretty good on Etsy.

Glad you had fun...there is a huge Craftsman Fair at the Gatlinburg Convention Center through October 25th...when Thomas comes home the next time we are gonna go walk through it. I hope to be part of it next year.

Have a great day,

Autumn said...

The response to the clothing was amazing!!! I didn't sell any- and really didn't expect to- but the ladies that commented were truly interested and asked lots of questions...and yes they were more than complimentary. :0
I was a little embarrassed actually.
It's not the "look" everyone wants but it surely hit home with a number of the ladies today.
Our area is NOT very "out there" so ANY response (other than a polite look and uh-huh) was surprising to me.
One lady actually asked me if I had been in Warrenton last week!!!
That sorta validated that some of my ideas were ok. :)

Bonne said...

I'm loving that wrap-look top with the salmon pants. After the pecan and pumpkin pie it wouldn't fit anymore...!! LOL You GO!!!

KKJD1 said...

Such awesome goodies! Hope Bekah and Abby are feeling better! Blessings,Karen

Ruth said...

Autumn~everything looked great. I am glad to hear you did well. Your clothes are so cute. I love that look but I think my daughter wants to die when I wear it.


Bonne said...

Oh, and your grandkids are just off the scale on the cuteness meter. Wendy, what a doll!