Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday lunch date.....

I'm enjoying the last of a wonderful time of life for both of us...
Luke is perched on the edge of independence and I both hesitate and anticipate it...
He is such a fun kid...ok, young man, and we do have some fun together.
Uncomplicated fun...just plain old laughing silliness mostly- but the kid just makes me laugh.
The older kids say he's spoiled but I think they are just jealous. :)
They remember this time too; and how quickly life becomes....complicated.
I've tried in vain to tell each one of them to enjoy this small window of
true freedom because grown ups don't get it.
Of course as kids it APPEARS otherwise and so they rush headlong
 into the adult world ready to find the illusive
freedom that they just left behind in the pre-adult world!!!!
Luke seems to believe me and is having lots of fun- though he is gaining
 a lot of independence relatively early.

We have co-op classes on Monday morning and he and I work on Monday afternoon- so he treats me to lunch before work.It really is a treat too!
 One week we ate chinese, last week it was Sonic and yesterday it was pizza!
 I savor every moment because I know so well that his eyes will turn to someone younger and
more fun and she will enjoy these times with him.
It may be years before she shows up but she will posess the sweet heart of my son ,
leaving me only a portion to remember.
I know because each of them have ...and a part of me goes with them
wherever they are, whatever they do, and only these sweet times
remain for me to enjoy at my leisure.

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

This gorgeous piece of furniture is one of Luke's pieces he created at work. Isn't it wonderful???
He's done several and I keep saying each one is my favorite ...but this one really is! 
At least till I see the next one!!!


Beverly said...

Well said....Those days go by so quickly for sure! You reminded me of a sweet time when my youngest was still at home. We had such good times together. Now he is in NC....but we talk a lot on the phone. Still......I miss those days!

Ruth said...

What a wonderful time to spend with your son. It sounds so precious. How sweet of him to take you to lunch. I would cherish every moment of it, too.

Beautiful post!! I, too, see the years flying. My daughter is 16 and always looking to the future. She is very independent and I know soon she will be leaving the nest and a piece of me will go with her.

That bookcase is amazing. He is talented!!


Bonne said...

I know where you're coming from, and glad you have the opportunity to appreciate the time with your son. :) Just makes me smile as the same feelings are in my heart as well.

Bubba said...

Ya mean Luke's gonna leave?... Whaaaaaaaaa!

Dawn Dutton said...

I love this photo of you and your son! How cute... I laughed just looking at it. Memories are being made..... enjoy