Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cute boots!!!

As a child of the 60's & 70's bOoTs have a really special palce in my heart! I can't always pull off the look I'd like to with them but I love em just the same!
I'll never forget my first pair of Go-Go boots-
they were gold sparkle(of course!) and they came from PayLess Shoes in Corpus Christi
when I was about 6!
They magically  transformed me, just an ordinary, shy,awkward little kid into.......
well....honestly into whoever I wanted to be...Nancy Sinatra, Jeannie C Riley....(remember them???)
I've always had a pair of boots,whether I wore them or not.

A few weeks ago while tromping through a flea market in  the rain with  sandals, I determined
 it was time for me to have some cute rubber boots.After all, I think I should look cute..
(o.k.- that's a stretch... at least not dowdy ,anyway),
while I work in the chicken yard, garden and the yard.
Just makes me feel better.

So I finally got em!!!!!
Cute, huh?

Believe me when I say I needed them this week!!!
 It has rained buckets  and mud is everywhere!
When I slip on my boots...I'm ready for anything......
well, almost anything.

A nasty stomach virus (or swine flu,as far as I'm concerned!) has swept through
our household. When my husband finally succomed to it he sent me to Sara's
to fetch the "magic meds"
I slipped on my boots, hopped on the 4-wheeler and off I rode to Sara's.
Just as I got to her house there came a downpour.
I waited a few minutes  but finally decided a little rain wouldn't hurt .
I hopped on and raced down the  road to my house....  almost to my house!
Just as I got to the chicken yard the thing sputtered and spit and died.
The clouds seemed to laugh at me and in doing so they spilled the
 last big bucketfull of raindrops directly on top of and all!!!

I don't like bad pictures of me- but this one expresses the fulness of my sense
of humor about the whole thing!!!
The only thing dry was the medicine and my camera!
It's been that kind of week- everybody dodging or dealing with the virus and all the
things that accompany it.
I'm ready for some less eventful days for a bit-
 my sense of humor needs repair.

Poor Abby had the nasty thing too- so I did what any self-respecting grandmother would do-
I brought her the silliest food I could think of.
She was sooo funny- definitely made my day better.
I brought BOB CAKES( who is BOB???) They were nasty blue cakes
 with coconut all over them. YUCK!
She giggled and laughed as we opened the box.
Then she tried to eat one - Oh my they were awful!
Abby slyly went to the garbage can and tossed hers in-
when I asked her about it she said, "Well, Granny, it's not very good for your body."
I just roared laughing at her honesty!!!
She even made sweet little Ryland giggle!
He looks like he's saying,
"Why would an adult bring that kind of awful food to my sister?"

The household is not well but we are all better- half the city seems to have this thing.
I'm ready for something a bit less challenging this week.



marilyn said...

That Riley is precious , just like his sister!
I can see the potential for a lot of bossiness on Abby's part, and he being very compliant. (good idea, huh?)

Your booth from last week looks great.
Wendy looks like like a little doll. Don't set her down, someone will try to buy her.
i was wondering if you were able to do the market this Sat in l.c.
But, it sounds like you guys were too busy with the bug.
Em woke up coughing. So lots of airborne for her.

Dad's getting settled in at home. my mother never stops, but he is very happy to be back. so that's really good.
i love you guys. maire

KKJD1 said...

Oh love the pic of you all wet! Cute! Hope everyone is feeling better now! Blessings,Karen

Sheryl-lyn said...

You look adorable all wet!! Love the boots, the babes and everything else!! I was really sick for a week myself and am finally feeling better.