Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding bells ring again!!!!!

A sweet couple was united yesterday and by a happy accident I was able to attend AND snap a few photos.
It wasn't your average wedding ceremony..... but there was a happy bride, a nervous groom , a wedding cake,music and plenty of tears from friends!

  Not a typical wedding party... but likely one of the best teams I've ever seen!!!
These sweet folks, and several not pictured, took on the task of making yesterday a special day for Gary and Sheryl.
Sheryl is a resident at the nursing home here in town and when they found out that Gary and Sheryl wanted to get married they went above and beyond the call of duty to make it a special day for both of them.

The nurses found a dress(which Liz and the nurses stapled and tied together to fit her) , gave Sheryl a manicure, a new hairdo and loaned their own jewelry to her for her special day!!!!!

It was the sweetest few moments watching the last minute touches  being added to the bride.

Yep- that's a stapler you see in the nurses hand...and it was used to "fit" that dress too!!!!

She had fresh new makeup and one of the nurses even thought to bring her some perfume!
When Sheryl stepped out into the hall I'm sure  she felt like a princess.....

She was all smiles as she approached the cafeteria where the piano player was plucking out the "Wedding March" on the untuned piano.

The ceremony was short and sweet.
 Frank delivered the entire message with a smile and grace  that echoed the feeling of the entire room!

Finally...the Happy Couple!!!!!!!

Life is different  for them.
Most of it I don't understand....but yesterday? I UNDERSTAND yesterday.

It was a simple event that was hemmed about with love and goodwill.
A happy day that will remain in my memory for a very long time!

Mt 18:3
And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

* for those of you who don't know Gary & Sheryl here's a little background~
My first memory of Gary is when I was in High school- he was around town and we all knew he was special. My late brother picked him up on the church bus for several years and befriended him throuout his life.
Years later Gary showed up again where we attend church now. My husband and several of the other men had befriended him by this time. To my great astonishment when I asked if he remembered my brother, from 25 yrs earlier he shook his head violently and retold the story of Jeffs death.
It just made me realize how wrong my estimation of Gary was.
That heart and mind kept notes of life more than some folks I knew intimately.
To be perfectly honest, Gary can be difficult and irritating,just like me, but there is a kindness and a sweet simplicity about him that makes you love him.
My husband has been such a good friend to him- even during the difficult irritating times. He visits him in the hospital, gives him a ride home, gives him$7 pretty regularly - (who knows why Gary picks that amount????)
and even tells him when he's acting inappropriatly.
Frank has done the same a matter of fact, Gary has a crumpled paper
in his pocket with his "people" listed along with phone numbers.

Sheryl appears to be the love of his life.  :)
He has dated (?) her for the past several years.
I don't know Sheryl's story, except that she lives in the nursing home .
Gary was injured as a 3 year old when a family member backed a car out on him.
He works mowing yards and rides a bike around town  .

On THIS day- he danced with his bride to the song
"Keeper of the Stars"


Beverly said...

Wow, brought tears to my eyes...what a lovely story.

Thank you for sharing....
Hugs to you, my friend,

Beverly said...

I had Jack read this, and he cried, too......

Just thought you should know.

Every being deserves to be is so touching when special people get that blessing.

me again.

Autumn said...

I'm so happy that it expressed the mood of the day! I was teary all day! It just touched me so to see the simplicity of life for these two.
Thank you for sharing your comments, and tell Jack I won't tell a soul he cried too!!! SHHHH!

Bonne said...

Amazing and sweet story! Thanks for sharing that Autumn. :)