Monday, September 21, 2009


~ Vintage Lace ~

Isn't this vintage lace beautiful? Liz found it at Round Top Texas last Spring. It is so fine and perfectly done...I always wonder about the woman who made the fine pieces that I get to enjoy.
This particular piece was perfect to add to a set of bloomers and top for
Anna for their Fall trip to Round Top.
The bloomers and top were made out of authentic feedsack cloth.

Quite the opposite of this lace is another favorite thing of mine~

~ Primitive furniture ~
See what I mean- it's a contradiction!
This particular bench was Fridays project at Lukes job.
He (and his boss) were purty proud of it!!!
Luke is having a great time at his job and seems to have a real knack for woodwork ,I think.


electricdunce said...

The lace is so pretty, and the ooutfit you made is beaautiful. And that bench! What an impressive piece of furniture...


Queen of Dreamsz said...

ditto,ditto,ditto..LOL I love the lace, the outfit and the primitive furniture!

Hugs to you,

CathyJean said...

Hi! Autumn ~
Hey, I love the lace & bench too!! Just love old things :) Neat idea for that outfit. Thanks for sharing.
CathyJean :)

cinnamongirl said...

Your outfit turned out great!
I got one of those on my to do list.
Your son has maybe found his calling.
Hope you are in no danger of those storms brewing.
Another lovely visit.

Ruth said...

I love the outfit made with the vintage lace. It's beautiful.

The primitive bench is great too. I would love to have one in my home.


Autumn said...

CArrie- Is there a atorm brewing!!! I dont pay attention till they are imminent!!! :0
We dont leave so theres no point in watching except to prepare to stay!
Better go check the weather!

Bonne said...

What a cute outfit!!! The bench looks like an old-timey church pew~pretty darn neato!