Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recession? What recession????

Last weekend my husband and I drove,in the rain, to a popular Flea Market about and hour and a half away.
The weather was not good for outdoor ANYTHING- but that has  never stopped us before!
Apparently it had the same effect on lots of other folks cause it was crowded and it seemed everybody was spending money.

We had a really nice time~ and stayed all day long! I found several pieces of vintage trim for ideas that I'm working on and my hubby found some treasures too. It was a nice day- even in the drizzly weather!
Back at the ranch........uummmmm..I mean farm..........

the tomatoes are really doing well. Maybe it's the lack of effort I put into them? I planted them wilted in midday and after season , according to the planting guides.     :)
Even the volunteer plants near the chicken pen have lots of fruit on them- it just amazes me!

My cucumbers,on the other hand, have a strange problem. The vines that last week were vibrant and healthy, have become yellow,limp and started to rot at the base.
They have good drainage and I have been attentive to bugs and weeds, but in spite of my efforts, they appear to be dying.
  Ho hum........ disappointment again....
I'm determined to learn but it does get discouraging.
I suppose it makes me thankful for all the other options of obtaining food...without them we would certainly have slim pickins'!


Beverly said...

Same thing happened to my cukes this year....although much earlier in the season. You are so lucky to have such a long growing season. Here, it is soon time to put the garden to bed....winter is a comin......
Sounds like you two had a fun day....

Hugs to you, friend,