Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have been so blessed this past year to see a lot of younger women I know pick up a needle and thread and produce beautiful things!!! Some of them told me they would "never try a quilt"- and those same gals are now working on their third and fourth ones!!!!

I'm sooo proud of them- it's not like I raised them or anything -I'm just so pleased that they share one of my little pleasures !!!

In the meantime- my daughters have been sharing with me! My youngest, Sara, insisted that it was time for me to learn to knit! I protested as usual and she ignored my whining and started showing me how to do it!
I love it-though I have a lot to learn-and I am steadily practicing!
Abby decided she needed to sew too.
She really believes she is knitting-so don't tell her any different!!Bekah has been doing some original pieces also-she comes up with some really great ideas! She made a keepsake box for her sister to take to the hospital when her baby is born, and it is unbelievable!!! I do believe she could market them, however we have NO motivation to make things to sell-takes all the fun out of it I guess!Check out her blog to see the memory box-you won't believe it!(
This little piece was an ornament for a swap with some friends. I made the pillow out of black velvet-topped with a cotton print- and topped that with a vintage cloth print.I attatched beaded trim and tassels to glitz it up a bit.

Share your stitching with friends-show somebody how to stitch something and above all enjoy it yourself!!!!


Jami said...

Hey Autumn, I agree that passing on the legacy of sewing and stitching is a joy. I'm trying to get my DIL to start and even gave her my old sewing machine but so far we haven't gotten around to it yet. I hope someday we'll get there. It's great your daughters share some of your craftiness...and look at that little youngun knit! You go gramma! Jami

The chickens post is cute...springtime will bring some new chicks to the farm but those darned things are not going to run free and ruin my yard either!

boutcrazy said...

Knitting is on my list of things I want to learn to do this year. My college roommate had all these great sweaters her grandmother made...I want to do that.

It is great to share what we learn. I watch my daughter in fashion school now and remember teaching her to sew when she was little. I ask her advice now!

Ruth said...

I just love to teach people how to crochet or sew and embroider. It is so nice to see so many interested in these arts again.

Autumn said...

I am still trying to get the hang of knitting- I seem to be doing it a bit too tight.

Abby may catch up to me if I don't stay on it!
Tks for stopping by Jami,Deborah and Ruth~!

Autumn said...
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Bonne said...

Good luck with the knitting Autumn. Learn knit and purl and you can do just about anything with knitting. You'll learn to relax and loosen up with time. I learned how when I was 5 years old with some pink wool yarn my grandmother had sent. I made cat collars~lol
It's never too soon to teach Abby~or get her making chains with a crochet hook. ;)