Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Chores!!!!!


This is 5 of the 7 new hens I just bought! FINALLY! I got my chickens!!!

We even bought a rooster- but that's Lukes story and his rooster- so I guess you'll have to check out his blog to see it.

It's been a busy few weeks getting ready for the birds,planting the berry bushes and taking care of all that grapefruit we were blessed with!!!

I can hardly wait till spring to plant a garden and start my flowers and mowing.  We hope to be getting eggs by springtime.  Meanwhile I'm trying to get a few baby projects underway- we have 2 new little ones to get ready for this year!

And if you haven't heard yet- we are also planning a 2 week trip to see my big kids (and grands of course) in the summertime.  We'll have lots to stay busy with out here this summer and I'm glad! In just a few short months Luke will be driving on his own and likely start working part time so life will once again change for us.

I know that the time he is here right now is just a blink away from grown up .

We all have new chores to learn-