Thursday, January 15, 2009

Me & "MARIE"

If those eyes look tired it's because they ARE!!!!

This is a dress that my good friend Bonne,over at MJ's Farm made for me! Talk about brave- she had no idea what size I am and the fit is pretty good. I'll have to make a few small adjustments but all very minor! Thanks so much Bonne-and the body butter is divine!!!!! Did you make that??????

I wish you could see the fabric-it's really pretty. The photo really can't capture how pretty the fabric is.

Why the dress?????
I am undergoing a yet another stage of life- it's the stage where you have to dress for the size you are rather than the size, (among other things) you WISH you were-
So I'm searching for answers and of course my friends are standing by to help!

Here's a little insight to the dilema~

For the last few months-maybe a year-I have been haunted by "MARIE"-

She is everywhere I turn and she makes me mad!!! I've been battling a weight issue for the last few years and so far I'm losing. No- not weight-the battle! The weight just gets harder and harder to lose.

To make things worse I am haunted by MARIE!!!!

Last year sometime I began to think that maybe it just wasn't possible for 50+ girls to drop the pounds anymore- and that's where Marie comes in!!!!

All of a sudden I start seeing her(you know...., Marie Osmond) everywhere!!!

She's my age and she looks just like she did in 1976!!!!!!!! Maybe better!!!

She's advertising Nutrisystems- and losing 40 pounds!!! GRRRR!

Next thing ya know I see her in my quilt magazine- not once but maybe 6-7 times!!!

It's not enough that she has 8 kids,she weighs 135 lbs and she's 50- but she has to have a sewing machine with her name on it ,a line of fabric and more....more..... more!!!!!

I can't escape her anywhere!!! I visited a store to look at some sewing machines and WHO do you think popped in??? YES- there she was-life sized, standing,in her skinny jeans right beside the machine I was looking at!

I left.

She has been with us so much that each time I lean away from my **MAD DIET**** my son says,"Mom, do you think Marie would be eating that?"

AGGGGG! She makes me crazy!

He told me he was gonna get me a t-shirt that says WWMD - "What Would Marie Do?"

I need MARIE"S address- I have found her 40 pounds and I'd like to return it to her as soon as possible. :)

I'll fill ya in on the MAD DIET shortly!

Thanks again Bonne!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Autumn, ROTFLOL..oh this is so funny!!! I can relate...I workout, try to watch my diet..yada, yada, yada....and it still doesn't want to budge..maybe some inches have left but do you think they are wanting to stay way..they wanna come home NOW...LOL

And as far as Marie baby is concerned, I'd throw something at the TV during that commercial if I didn't have to go buy a new TV right after my destructive tantrum. I move my eyes quickly away from the magazine pages and avoid sewing machine shops!

...just makes me ill..I think she's starving herself to death and has a personal trainer that is there!!

Ok, I feel, the dress that Bonne made looks very nice on you! Go with it, love it!!

And this divine body butter??? I have NOT been notified of it's hear me Bonne? :0)

Autumn said...

Yep- I'm trying to get her address so I can send her the 40 pounds she's lost- I have them right here!
I just want to share!!!! :)

Bonne said...

Oh my!!! I'm so psychic~the dress looks fab on you Autumn!! And thank our Jessica for picking out the fabric ;)
When I turned 50 I realized it was time to start counting over, so I'm 2 now~lol
I don't even want to talk about the metabolism slow down! I've had 10-15 lbs creep on the past few years and it won't budge, blast it! arghhh? pffsstt!! you know, the icing on the cake is mentalpause and everything that goes with that and it's a miracle we don't go MAD!!
You look great though~the pattern is 1976 by the way. ;)
((hugs)) Bonne

KKJD1 said...

I know how you feel. I'm 37 fixing to be 38 in a little less than a month with 3 kids and cant lose either and heres Marie well I know where your coming from! Let me know how the mad diet works I might just have to give it a try.
My puter has been down so I've missed so much! Hopefully I can catch up with everyone. Have a great day! Blessings, Karen

Beverly said...

Oh Autumn, you make me laugh...what a great post...As for Marie...well, the grueling workouts for Dancing With the Stars helped her shed those pounds. And Steph is right...when you can afford a personal trainer who whips you into shape...things are a bit easier. And everyone else is right....metabolism just slows down around 50.
Well, all that aside...I love the dress on you! That Bonne is a peach. Now, I have had some of her body butter and it is to die for! I love it!
Last word...Autumn, just be healthy!...that is what is most important.
Love ya!