Sunday, January 18, 2009

The MAD Diet....

I just know you are all "die(t)-ing" to know about the

newest thing in dieting.

I believe I will put this diet in a 300(299 pages will be blank!) page book and charge $20. for it and find the skinny woman hiding inside me to promote the book.

I can promise this one works,too!

Are you ready?

Here's the diet:

(1.)200 calories for breakfast

(2.) 200 calories for lunch

(3.) 400 calories for supper

Then stay MAD ALL DAY because your hungry. When you get hungry during the day you can only drink water .

I promise I stayed MAD all day- so it works until you get off it.


Deborah said...

What a great diet, my doctor promotes it...but she allows for 1000 calories for the day. Also, if you are exercising up to an hour every day...that's not enough.

So, I went home from that doctor visit, torn up her card, canceled the next visit and ate some real! I don't think I've been back in the gym since. She had a very negative effective on me. Now I understand she was just trying to get me on the MAD diet and it worked!

Bonne said...

I'm on the Cream-cheese-chicken-jalepeno-Egg Roll diet today. Had one for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'm not at all MAD today!

Autumn said...

This weight thing just makes me crazy!! WHy do I care at all? I have an absolutely wonderful life!!!! It makes me tired to think about it all the time!!!

smoothiejuice said...

i would be mad too...ack, your hubs loves you, dieting sucks.

wheres the newest dress?