Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another friend is fighting illness....


Marilyn called today to touch base about the last few days.
She has been in Houston,at St Lukes, undergoing tests and treatment for a recurrance of the puzzling symptoms.
While in Houston,WIlliam had his own issues with some tye of infection on his face.
After getting out of the hospital,Marilyn stayed with Paula(her sister) just a few blocks from the hospital. and Will returned home to "rally the troops".
Yesterday around 2 am they both came home-but only for a few days.
Marilyn and her sister and brother in law will be flying to Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic , where she will undergo more tests etc. to try to get to the bottom of all this.
It's unclear if there is a single or a combination of syndromes at play.
One thing is clear- she has CAPPILLARY LEAK SYNDROME-( and it remains to be seen if it is due to another condition.

Please lift her in prayer-this is a tough time for the entire family.
Will is home with the kids- and assures me he will call if they need anything-but he won't. :)
marilyn and I had such a nice visit-
She just kept telling me how very proud she was of her family and the life they have.
Seeing that, in the midst of all this, is such a blessing. God is so good to give us eyes to see what's important when we need it most!

As of now- Marilyn plans to be back home by Friday a week from tomorrow. Her appointment is on ...Monday I believe.
Please pray for the doctors to discern how best to treat her or better yet-for God to touch and heal her completely!


Penny said...

Please tell Marilyn that she is on our hearts and minds. We are saying lots of prayers for her and her family.

Lacey Carroll said...

This little chic all the way in Lubbock is praying too!
Send our love to her and her family