Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Benefit Quilt

This quilt is so special to me....

As you know, my aunt MARY passed away in April and since that time my Mom and I have been trying to settle her estate, as well as my grandparents. The house my aunt lived in was theirs; she sold her lake house and moved "home" once my grandmother was widowed in 1985. It's the house my mom was born in- and it was full of a lifetime of memories.

While I was there helping mom, several of my grandmother's friends stopped to pay their respects and visit with Mom and I. When her next door neighbor,a long time friend and schoolmate of Mom's, mentioned working on a quilt I immediately started asking questions.

To make a long story short, she agreed to send me a square to embroider to help out with this auction quilt. The auction benefits a ministry of the church where my grandfather attended for many years. Even better, the ladies that met to quilt , met in the very store I have such fine memories of!!! My grandfather worked there for over 60 years!!!! It no longer operates as a Hardware Store , but a gathering place for the local quilters!!!!

It was an honor to give something back to the people that gave me such wonderful childhood memories!

And by the way, the quilt fetched $5600 at the auction on Saturday!!!!WOO!HOO!


KKJD1 said...

Wow what a great project and so glad it made such a great profit! Hope your day is blessed, Karen