Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Benefit quilt

I had the priviledge of working on this quilt  (a fund raiser) in my grandmother's hometown. It was a special honor to work with women whom I had known since I was very small. Most of them attend the church my grandfather did when I was small.

Each square is hand embroidered  and then joined to the others before quilting. The ladies who met to quilt on it worked in the very same store that my grandfather worked in for 60 years.

Last weekend the quilt brought $5600.00 to the ministry of THE LORD'S ACRE.

It was such a neat opportunity to give something back to the tiny town that holds such sweet memories for me!


lacey said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! I can see why it raised so much money!
i just wish I could run my hand over it :)

auntbum said...

Mee too!!
The man that bought it was the coach for the boys baseball team when I was a kid- Mr. Smithwick.
I don't know- I just love all the links to history that this project had. :) :)

bekah said...

WOO HOO for Palmer! The quilt is BeaUtIfUl!