Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seizing the day!!!!

It's a good thing we crammed so much fun into last weekend because it has been a pretty discouraging week. After weeks of dizziness and nausea my hubby finally got to return to work on Monday. He was so happy to be there- even if he still can't drive to or from work or AT work!! (He has to be released from his doctor's care-which is a bit of a trick since his doctor can't seem to remember him from one visit to another!!! We got a real doozy this time around.)

Anyway- he called me on Wednesday ,around noon, to tell me he was at the dr's office in terrible pain(our regular doctor) and if they wouldn't see him he was going to ER. As it turns out he has a bad bout of kidney stones!! Yep- he's off work AGAIN at least until Monday or Tuesday, when he sees the next doctor.

It would be an understatement to say he is a bit discouraged- he is sick and tired of being home and  sick.

Luke told him that all this illness reminded him of JOB-  :)   soooooooooo..... give him a smile if ya see him- send him an email or give him a call- he could especially use your prayers for endurance and patience.

I have to give him credit for being a great patient- he REALLY doesn't whine or complain!!!! You can tell him I told ya that too!!!