Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rainy day goodness!!!

It looks good huh? I can't take credit- Luke got busy on Tuesday afternoon and treated us to a yummy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting- he even garnished it. Do I see a cooking show in his future?????? :)

What a treat on a dreary day!


Kim Carroll said...

I had no idea he could bake. Jason cooks but I don't remember any baking ever taking place other than whop biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Definitely never anything chocolate, YUMMY! I see a very blessed lady in Luke's future. And I'm putting in an advanced order for the same cake the next time we get to visit.

auntbum said...

Oh he's an unbelievable cook- especially baking!! You must have one of his cream puffs! Delectable!!!!
He is MESSY!!!!! Really messy- but he takes the time to present each dish really well. He LOVES the cooking shows and if I want him to cook I just put the food network on and wait!!!! :)