Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have to focus- it's not over yet!

Yes school is starting in a few days for most folks- but here on Providence we are finishing our second week! This is the 26th "start" for me.
What a journey! Things have changed so much since those first days- days of uncertainty and fear-over working myself and the kids.
I have learned so much that I truly will never need to know once Luke finishes school here at home.
I have been through 5 different home school groups-only lightly touching down for a look in most. Too much "stuff" and not enough school work to suit me. Don't get me wrong - I like fun but a steady diet makes kids "fat" and discontent.
I like real life things like raising animals,building, problem solving household things and such. I call it life skills- and the kids NEED these kinds of things to be well rounded.
I admit academics were not the reason we began our homeschooling journey but they have a place in the future of each child. They need the tools to make choices in life once they are on their own-whenever that happens.
If we can teach them how to "learn anything" that they want- they will only be limited by their own willingness , or lack of it, to learn skills, jobs or trades.
So - now that I have had my say in the area of school I have to say that I truly have no idea how to start August without starting school. In a few years I guess I'll learn what other women do in August. I feel a little apprehensive about it all- like I'll be cheating! :)
I have complied with every rule and regulation for so long that I can't imagine NOT thinking about it all.
Anyway- that is in the future- right now I have a smart high schooler who lkeeps me on my toes with Algebra and science ALL the time. He constantly challenges himself- thus challenging me to keep up! Am I getting old or is he just enjoying the amusement of watching me scurry to keep up with him??


Beverly said...

It's funny Autumn, the kids are out of college and it still feels like I mark my calendar by the beginning of school! I suppose September will ALWAYS be the first month in my year! Well, someday if you don't know what to do this time of year, you can just pack up and head on up to Bee Haven Acres so you can sign my bee-utiful guest book! Have a great day, sweetie!!